IMSC 2018

DEADLINE for abstract submission
February 19th/2018 23:59:59






1. International Medical Students’ Conference, Cracow 2018 (hereinafter "the Conference") is a review of research achievements of biomedical students. It is also a competition for the best student projects presented in the form of scientific reports.

2. The Conference is organized by the Organizing Committee appointed by the Board of the Students' Scientific Society at the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Cracow.

3. The conference will be held on 19 – 21.04.2018 in Cracow, Poland. The location of the event will be on the main campus of the Jagiellonian University Medical College (exact schedule of sessions will be announced at a later date).

4. The Organizing Committee appointed Session Coordinators, whose task is to organize and prepare various thematic sessions of the Conference.

5. The Organizing Committee together with the Coordinators appointed Scientific Committee, which consists of academics of the Jagiellonian University.

6. The authors of the work can only be students or graduates a year after discharge. Doctoral students may not be the authors of the work. The maximum number of authors is 6. Each paper could have a maximum of 3 tutors.

7. Work qualified for the Conference are presented to the public, subject to the assessment of the members of the Scientific Committee.

8. Each featured work will be rewarded and the authors will be awarded certificate for the delivered work.

9. The official language of the conference is ENGLISH. There is no possibility of presenting work during the session in another language.

9.1 The only exception is Physiotherapy session, where only language is POLISH.

10. Deadline for sending in the papers is 09.02.2018 and it will not be extended.

11. All information about the Conference can be found on the website:




1. The abstract should not exceed the amount of 2,200 characters.

2. Sending the paper to the Conference is to send an electronically completed application form and abstract in English (Physiotherapy session in polish) until 09.02.2018 by the formula on IMSC 2018’ website:

2.1 Please paste the following text below each abstract: "This research paper was not presented on any other conference organized in the Republic of Poland, whether as a standalone project or part of a different research paper." The research must be signed and stamped by the project supervisor and the person presenting the project.

3. The application may not contain tables, graphs, or drawings. The summary must contain the results and conclusions of the work in accordance with generally accepted scheme.

4. Papers submitted to the Conference are eligible for the presentation by the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee decision rejecting the work is final.

5. After hearing a summary of the work, the Scientific Committee qualifies it to the appropriate session and presentation - oral or electronic poster. The results of qualification will be announced by the 19.03.2018.

6. Eligible works are original and review papers.




1. The authors present the work in the form of reports, oral or poster in thematic sessions, which will be adjusted to an appropriate amount of time approved for presentation work (to open the session it was qualified to be minimum 7 papers).

2. Planned sessions during the Conference are:

3. Presentations will be held according to the schedule established by the Organizing Committee, which will be communicated to the interested party a minimum of 5 days before presentation. Please understand that the Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes in the schedule. Changes to the information will be given on a regular basis.

4. Time to deliver oral reports should not exceed 7 minutes, the discussion cannot be longer than 3 minutes, to anticipate electronic poster and case report presentations 4 minutes and 2 minutes for discussion.

5. All participants of the sessions are obliged to adhere strictly to the minute program of the meeting and shall be entitled to receive voice and interrupted the discussion after regular time.

6 The referring should be well prepared to deliver work. Documentation should be carefully designed in terms of content and technology.

7. The official language of the conference is English, the work should be prepared and presented in ENGLISH.

7.1 In Physiotherapy session - the work should be prepared and presented in POLISH.

8. The presentations and electronic posters should be prepared in Power Point and sent to Session Coordinators at least 3 days before the Conference (16.04.2018). Contacts to Coordinators are available on website (Programme-Sessions)




1. Presented at the Conference works are judged by a Scientific Committee invited by the Organizing Committee. The proposed composition of the Scientific Committee must take into account the specialties on the issues of the discussed in the reported work.

2. Rating of the Scientific Committee is final and unquestionable.




1. Number of awards granted during the session depends on the number presented in the works:

- Up to 10 works presented at the session: awards I, II and III place and one distinction

- 10 to 20 works presented at the session: awards I, II and III and two distinction

- Over 20 works presented at the session: awards I, II and III place and three distinctions

2. “Case report” work prizes going to determinate by comparing points all best “Case Report” work from each session.

3. I, II and III prizes are awarded for the work presented in the form of oral presentation.

4. Distinctions are awarded for the work presented as electronic poster.

5. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the amount of the prize.

6. Announcement of winners of the session will take place at the end of conference day on conference website (

7. The awards ceremony will take place at the end of the Conference on 21.04.2018.




1 “Case Report”

1.1 “Case Report” works are allowed to present during thematic sessions of IMSC 2018.

1.2 “Case Report” works going to present during thematic sessions.

1.3 Only 2 “Case report” abstracts will qualify to each thematic session.

1.4 Best “Case report” work from thematic session going to rate (0-10 points) by jury of this session.

2 “Meta-analysis”

2.1 “Meta-analysis” works are allowed to present during thematic sessions of IMSC 2018.

3. Original works are prefer on IMSC 2018




1. Notification of work on Conferences constitutes acceptance of these Rules and consent to the processing of personal data for organizational purposes by the Organizing Committee.

2. Interpretation of the Rules of Procedure and Settlement of Disputes and problems are not included in the above-mentioned Regulations applies only to the Organizing Committee.