IMSC 2018

DEADLINE for abstract submission
February 19th/2018 23:59:59

Cytology Workshop

Location: Department of Gynaecology, Telemedicine room, Kopernika 23 st. and the Department of Microbiology, aula, Czysta 18 st., Krakow

Date: April 28 2017 Time: 01:30 - 04:00 PM 
Limited attendance: 20 participants.

Coordinators: Ewelina Preizner, Aleksandra Litewka

Registration: Via imsc accounts


Language of the workshop: English

Is it a pleasure to invite You to a workshop organized by the Scientific Association at the Chair of  Endocrinological Gynecology Department in conjunction with the Department of Microbiology. The aim of the workshop is to learn the technique of Pap smear and to present the possibility of rapid microbiological diagnostics in the doctor's office. 

We would like to present preparation of direct smear, microscopic evaluation based on dyed speciment, discuss Nuggent's scale and give you the opportunity to gain knowledge in practice.