IMSC 2018

DEADLINE for abstract submission
February 19th/2018 23:59:59

USG Workshop

Location: Department of Clinical Gynecology, Obesterics & Oncology, Kopernika 23, Krakow
 April 20 2018 11:00- 12:30
Limited attendance: 14 participants.
Coordinators: Aleksandra Kaszuba

Registration: Via imsc accounts

Language of the workshop: English

The workshop will be conducted by the amazing Dr. med. Marcin Wiecheć from the Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum in Krakow. The main purpose of the workshop will be to develop our knowledge about ultrasound and interpretation of results. The workshop consists of two parts: theoretical and practical; where students will be able to perform an ultrasound examination. The major topic will be the examination of the lower abdomen, pelvis, fetus. What's more, it will be possible to perform an US scan on special fetal phantom. These workshops are organized for students participating in the International Medical Students' Conference Cracow (IMSC).